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Rigid Plastic Lumps Shredder

Best rigid plastic lumps shredder Made in China,
Chinese industrial shredding machine for size reduction of big solid waste , Send InquiryChat Now

1.Rigid plastic lumps shredder

The heavy duty single shaft shredder , inside a round rotor contrained by an electric motor , on the surface of the rotor fixed with many sharp square blades with shape angles, and inside the shredder chamber a reciprocatingly moving steel truck , drived by a hydraulic oil cyclinder, controlled by PLC,limited by time switch, has the ability to store big plastic lumps or a lot of small plastic lumps for shredding, getting super high capacity of output;

When a number of bodies are connected together to form a machine system , the actions and reactions between any two of them need to be adjusted to make them match each other ,and get a perfect performance by working together;

The plastic machines, no matter of extrusion or injection or blowing , all are made up of plastic extruders, molds ,and rest cooling parts etc; 

In the process to check and adjust the whole machine system , some amount of plastic raw material must be spent , and there will be many amount of plastic lumps from the many sets of plastic machines;

However, almost no change on the chemical properties of the plastic , if they can be made into small flakes, it can be used for new production directly, the recycling process is simple, the benefits is big;

2.More details about Rigid plastic lumps shredder

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