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Shredder For Plastic Recycling

Shredder For Plastic Recycling

China industrial plastic recycling shredder that has a round rotor inside the shredding chamber ,destroying solid waste by many square blades;
Heavy duty single shaft shredder for recycling industrial waste plastic lumps and waste plastic scrap of post-consumer ,etc;

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Heavy duty single shaft shredder for plastic recycling

The plastic lumps is the plastic scraps, among many kinds of thick waste plastics, that has the highest recycling value in the market ; Many plastic manufacturers get the industrial plastic waste from production , they like to have the heavy duty single shaft shredder to recycle them by themselves ; Many small or middle scales plastic manufacturers may prefer to storage them and sold to those plastic companies who have heavy duty single shaft shredder for plastic recycling;

For recycling the waste plastic lumps ,heavy duty single shaft shredder machine and high speed crushing machine is necessary , the final plastic particles( flakes, pellets) is customized, 6mm, 8mm,10mm,12mm etc;

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