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HDPE Shredder for Solid Residual

HDPE Shredder for Solid Residual

Industrial single shaft shredder for solid HDPE residual's destruction and recycling ,heavy duty Waste plastic purging shredder machine made in China with CE certificate;

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1.shredder for solid hdpe residual

The hdpe shredder recycles solid hdpe residual is a kind of common waste products in the plastic products making or recycling market;

The hdpe shredder in extrusion production of hdpe pipe, profile;The dhpe shredder in blowing production of hdpe drum, bottle ,container etc;The hdpe shredder in injection production of hdpe tank,chair , pipe fittings ,table etc;

The hdpe shredder can decrease the size of unqualified plastic products, some solid hdpe residual from extruding or blowing or injection moulding when start the extruder and stop;

Most of them are big and thick, common crusher/granulator or double shaft shredder are not strong enough to process them;

Our hdpe shredder  break the big residual by many pieces of square blades on a high speed rotator ;

Thin flakes around 10cm are obtained from the hdpe shredder; Then the hdpe flakes are easier to be reduced into smaller flakes by granulator , or furtherly made into plastic powder by plastic pulverizing machine(milling,grinding).

2.SCS800 hdpe shredder :

Width of rotator: 800mm

Diameter of rotator : 330mm

Size of blades: 40*40mm ,SKD11/DC53

Motor: 37kw

Gearbox : Top 1 brand in China, with perfect damping design and protection( max feature)

Guarantee: 1 year; Any customer-unsolvable problem due to quality, Engineer will be sent without charge ;

hdpe shredder.jpg

hdpe shredder.jpg

hdpe shredder (2).jpg

hdpe shredder (2).jpg

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