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Multipurpose Auto Single Shaft Shredder Machine for Recycling Waste Plastic Film Fabric Paper Roll Wood Block

China single shaft shredder machine ,multipurposes ,auto control ,lOW NOISE for shredding and recycling waste plastic film,waste fabric clothes,cardboard bale ,paper pulp roll , wood waste ,rubber blocks etc.
Motor: 18.5-110kw;Rotor length :400-1500 mm;Capacity :100-5000 kg/hour;

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Single shaft shredder machine ,multipurposes, auto control ,for recycling waste plastic film ,fabric ,paper waste, paper roll, wood waste,rubber block etc.

1.Application of single shaft shredder machine :

Single shaft shredder machine can be used for grinding unqualified products into smaller pieces for recycling.

Case 1 :Reducing the volume of industrial plastic waste that is clean ,so that it can be mixed with orginal resin for new production.

Case 2 :Shredding organic matter to produce biofuels.

Case 3: Shredding some textile material to facilitate fiber recycling, such as carpet crushing.

Generally , the single shaft shredder machine can be used to tear a variety of plastic, rubber, tires, fiber, paper, wood, scrap aluminum, waste electrical appliances, scrap cables, industrial scrap, garbage and other solid or hollow materials.

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