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Small ABS Plastic Shredder

Small ABS Plastic Shredder

Qualtiy small ABS plastic lumps shredder made in China , Chinese industrial single shaft shredder reduces size of various solid waste , plastic ,rubber,paper,wood ,light metal scrap,etc;
Capacity : 200-300kg/hour;

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Small abs plastic shredder


The big waste abs lumps that will be broken into small abs flakes, the small abs flakes can be used for new production again;

The shredder is named single shaft shredder, because there is only one shaft with blades in the shredder;

2.SCS400 small abs plastic lumps shredder


Single shaft shredder

Shredder Inlet

400*500mm, side open

Shredding room




Shredder motor


3.More details about small abs plastic lumps shredder:

plastic lumps shredder (3).jpg

plastic lumps shredder.jpg

single shaft shredder machine.JPG

application of one shaft shredder.jpg


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