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Small Single Shaft Shredder

Small Single Shaft Shredder

China small single shaft shredder for destroying and recycling plastic,wood,rubber,paper, light metal ,MSW etc;
heavy duty shredding machine for size reduction of solid waste;
Capacity:200-300kg/hour;Shredder chamber: 400*5000mm, Motor :18.5kw;

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Small single shaft shredder


Yet the dimension of most waste plastic lumps , is far thicker than that of common plastic waste of post-consumer, such as ,plastic film, plastic crates, plastic container, plastic chair etc, the plastic lumps must need the shredder with stronger cutting ability ;
The single shaft shredder grinds the plastic lumps with far higher capacity of ouput, and, as it were, far better stability ;

2.SCS400 small single shaft shredder

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