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Waste ABS Chunks Shredding Machine

Waste ABS Chunks Shredding Machine

China single shaft shredding machine for plastic lumps recycling, waste ABS chunks shredding machine for reusing industrial waste from electric appliances and car parts injection ;

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Waste abs chunks shredding machine


Some waste plastic , such as big hdpe/pvc/ppr plastic pipe , thick pp/pvc board , plastic pillar ,table , plastic chunks from extruding /blowing/injection moulding etc, have big in volume ,but solid and thick on body too;

High speed grinding machine in the market is hard to break them;

BRIGHTERSHREDDER develops the single shaft shredding machine,cubiforming blades, angle-cutting type ,heavy duty single shaft shredding mchine for recycling these kinds of waste plastic,and other kinds of wastes which has the features above;

2.More details about heavy duty single shaft shredding machine:

single shaft shredding machine (7).jpg

single shaft shredding machine (4).jpg

single shaft shredding machine (7).jpg

plastic crusher.jpg

single shaft shredding machine (5).jpg


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