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Waste Plastic Chunks Shredder

Best waste plastic chunks shredder made in China , heavy duty single shaft shredder destroys and recycles industrial plastic waste and plastic scrap of post-consumer;
Capacity:200-5000kg/h,Output size : 50mm,10mm,customized;

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1.Waste plastic chunks shredder

There are many plastic factories in the market , most of them need recycle the waste plastic chunks created in production ;

The single shaft shredder, the application designed chiefly is for solid and big waste, which is super difficult to be shredded;

By choosing our brighter brand single shaft shredder , customers will spend less on purchasing cost , power consumption ,and manual work, but obtain more on capacity of output, high stability of the shredder in the running , and longer workinglife on each part of whole shredder system;

2.More details about waste plastic chunks shredder ,heavy duty single shaft shredder 

plastic scrap shredder (2).jpg

plastic shredder machine.jpg

plastic shredder single shaft shredding machine.jpg

plastic shredder single shaft shredding machine (2).jpg

plastic recycling shredder (7).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (7).jpg

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