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Single Shaft Shredder

  • Ppr Lumps Shredder
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    Ppr Lumps Shredder

    Usually , ppr plastic pipe manufactures has many sets of pipe extrusion line. Some ppr lumps and unqualified ppr pipe will be obtained when starting or adjusting or maintaining or closing the whole extrusion line . Brighter’s...
  • Pvc Lumps Shredder
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    Pvc Lumps Shredder

    Product name : pvc lumps shredder PVC is widely used in all walks of life to every kind of products: wire skin, skin fiber, shoes, handbags, bags, accessories, signs and billboards, building decoration supplies, furniture, ornaments,...
  • Abs Lumps Shredder
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    Abs Lumps Shredder

    Product name : abs lumps shredder For some electricl appliance manufacturer , they usually have many injection machines for making the shell of appliance. Most of the shell is of abs material . They have much lumps from the...
  • Eps Lumps Shredder
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    Eps Lumps Shredder

    Product name : eps lumps shredder Some clients specially recycle eps foam board or box etc , they need melt and densify the foam lump before regenerating them. After melting and densifying , brighter’s single shaft shredder help to...
  • Plastic Chunks Shredder
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    Plastic Chunks Shredder

    The plastic chunks shredder is single shaft type , with square shape blades for chipping the rigid plastic chunks.
  • Plastic Block Shredder
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    Plastic Block Shredder

    The plastic block shredder is single shaft type , with square shape blades for cutting the rigid plastic block.
  • Industrial Shredder For Plastic
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    Industrial Shredder For Plastic

    Industrial heavy duty shredder is suitable for recycling wide range of material in large scale. It's suitable big pipe /profile/sheet/board extrusion manufacturer , big injection companies, big film or bag manufacturer , big waste...
  • Shredder For Solid Hdpe Residual
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    Shredder For Solid Hdpe Residual

    one shaft shredder break the big residual by many pieces of square blades on a high speed rotator ; Thin flakes around 10cm are obtained from this shredding work; Then the hdpe flakes are easier to be reduced into smaller flakes by...
  • Hdpe Pipe Shredder
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    Hdpe Pipe Shredder

    Product : hdpe pipe shredder There are many super big hdpe pipe and pipe fittings manufacturer in the world, smooth or corrugated pipe , single layers or multi layers , some hdpe pipe small to be less than 10mm, some hdpe pipe is so...
  • HDPE Pipe Shredding Machine
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    HDPE Pipe Shredding Machine

    The hdpe pipe shredding machine make big plastic pipe into 20~150mm plastic flakes in one step,making them easy to be furtherly broken by Common granulator ;
  • Hdpe Plastic Shredding Machine
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    Hdpe Plastic Shredding Machine

    HDPE pipe, pipe fittings ,lumps; some small ,some big. But most of them are very thick,hard to break ; Our company designed the single shaft shredder ,it works with perfect performance for thick hdpe plastic products ; Capacity is very...
  • Shred Plastic Lump
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    Shred Plastic Lump

    Product : shred plastic lump Plastic lump is big and thick, very hard; How to shredding them ? China Brighter company supplies the single shaft shredder for customer ; The single shaft shredder is one solid cylinder shape rotator...
Wonsten Group is known as one of professional single shaft shredder manufacturers in China. All equipments meet international standard and with reliable performance. Welcome to place orders for cheap single shaft shredder for sale with our factory.
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