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Single Shaft Shredder

  • Waste Plastic Purging Shredder

    Waste plastic purging shredder The single shaft shredder is the most common applied type of mechanical slicing or dicing or chipping plant for waste plastic purging ,and other kinds of waste...
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  • Plastic Purging Shredder

    Plastic purging shredder Some consumption for plastic raw materials is necessary for plastic extruders and their adjacent components to work smoothly. The plastic raw materials here is not made...
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  • Heavy Duty Single Rotor Shredding Machine

    The heavy duty single rotor shredding machine is controlled by PLC, with full-auto control for normal shredding and manual control for inspection and maintenance, has function of start...
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  • Heavy Duty Single Shaft Plastic Shredding Machine

    For size reduction operation for thick plastic waste or others scraps which require small and regular size for final chips, the heavy duty single shaft shredding machine which cut applied objects...
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  • Heavy Duty Single Shaft Shredding Machine

    The heavy duty single shaft shredding machine is mainly designed for recycling big and solid plastic;
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  • One Shaft Plastic Recycling Shredding Machine

    The positive properties of one shaft shredding machine for use in recycling plastic are its strong shearing torque and force for thick waste objects ,and its sizing control for regular dimension...
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  • Plastic Drools Shredding Machine

    Although the structure is solid , the body is thick , the volume is big , the plastic drools do have a suitable shearing way which can break them easily; The suitable shearing work is realized by...
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  • Plastic Purging Shredding Machine

    Usually , there are the following requirements for the plastic purging shredding machine , including high capacity of output , regular size of final plastic chips , high reliability , low noise ;
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