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Single Shaft Shredder for Bundling Film Bag Sacks Hollow Drum Waste Plastic Crates Lump Pipe Chair EPS Foam

China industrial single shaft shredder machine for recycling plastic FILM,bag,sacks, hollow DRUM,crates,pipe,chair,plastic lumps and pipes ,melted eps foam block etc.
The size of final flakes is customized during 15~150 mm.

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Single shaft shredder for bundling waste plastic film bag sacks hollow drum crates lump pipe chair eps foam

1.Brief Introduction :

The Swing type single shaft shredder is designed for reducing the size of buldling type waste scrap or pressed bale . 

The size of final flakes is customized during 15~150 mm.

2. Application List :

● Plastic lump from injection, extrusion, blowing and other general plastic and so on

● Paper - paper, packing paper, cardboard, etc.

● Cable - Copper core, aluminum cable and composite cable

● Aluminum - cans, aluminum chips and so on

● Chemical fiber - carpet, labor insurance and so on

● sponge - industrial waste and so on

● Composite materials - glass fiber products, automotive windshields, sealing strips and so on

● Safe destruction - imitation (counterfeit), unqualified products, expired items, etc.

● Domestic waste - alternative fuels

plastic drum shredder (2).jpg

plastic drum shredder 2.jpg

3.Features of plastic drum shredder:

● Automatic control

● With overload protection

● With vibration reducing design

● Famous brand components

● Low noise

● Long working life blade

4.Specification of SCS1300 plastic drum shredder

Motor power: 75kw

Width : 1300mm

Diameter of shaft : 400mm

Blade : SKD11

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