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Agriculture Film Shredding Machine

Agriculture Film Shredding Machine

Industrial agriculture film shredding machine featured on LOW NOISE and Large Capacity,
heavy duty plastic bag shredder for small and uniform size of output;
Capacity of plastic film shredder : 300-10000kg/hour; Output : 50mm;

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Agriculture film shredding machine


1.Brief introduction:

The agriculture greenhouse coveringlm is super big , high speed crusher is not suitable for the plastic film in so big size ; Feeding operation is not convenient ,the crushing capacity is also low;

The agriculture film shredding machine is with a very big shredding hopper, with 2 shaft works inner the hopper;

Labors can make the agriculture film into a bunch ,then can throw many film bunches into the agricultue film shredding machine together or one by one ; A super large capacity, shredding ability will be obtained;

2.Parameter  of middle SCDF1000 agriculture film shredding machine:

Shredder model


Shredding ability





China top brand



3. Photos of agriculture film shredding machine:

plastic bag shredder woven sacks shredding machine (4).jpg

plastic film shredder bag shredding machine (1).jpg

plastic film shredder woven bag shredding machine.jpg



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