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Dual Shaft Shredding Machine

Dual Shaft Shredding Machine

China dual shaft shredding machine for reducing size of plastic film bag ;
industrial plastic film shredder ,plastic bag shredding machine with large capacity and low noise;
Capacity: 300-10000kg/hour; Output : 50mm;

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Dual shaft shredding machine


1.Introduction :

The dual shaft shredding machine adopts full-automatical control for whole system ;

The dual shaft shedding machine for waste plastic film and bag is with uniqure structure ,the dual shaft consists of two parallel round roller ; The roller is with many small square type blades on it ;

The final film or bag flakes is less than 150mm in irregular size;

It is suitable for Pre-shred work for big plastic recycling business ;

2.SCDF1000 dual shaft shredding machine for processing plastic film bag;

Model: SCDF1000

Capacity: 1-1.5ton/hour

Power consumption: 37kw * 2 sets

3. photo of dual shaft shredding machine :

plastic bag shredder woven sacks shredding machine (2).jpg

ton bag shredder (3).jpg

plastic film shredder bag shredding machine.jpg

dual shaft plastic film crushing machine (23).jpg


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