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Bulky Plastic Lumps Shredder

China bulky plastic lumps shredder with large capacity and uniform output size ,
Heavy duty single shaft shredder for recycling plastic scrap from plastic factory and post-consumer;

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1.Bulky plastic lumps shredder

It is almost a pain to realize,specially for big plastic company , so much loss on plastic raw materials when start or stop or adjust or maintain their plastic production lines;

The industrial plastic waste mainly contain bulky plastic lumps from extruder and mould ,and unqualified plastic products in the production;

The heavy duty single shaft shredder is mainly designed for the waste which is rigid and has big volume , difficult for shredding , e.g , bulky plastic lumps, big plastic pipes, thick plastic boards ,and other shredding project which requires relatively smaller and more regular size of final flakes;

2.More details about bulky plastic lumps shredder:

plastic lumps shredder (7).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (8).jpg

plastic lumps shredder.JPG

plastic lumps shredder (5).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (2).JPG

plastic lumps shredder (6).jpg

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