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HDPE Lumps Shredder

HDPE Lumps Shredder

China heavy duty hdpe plastic lumps shredder with good quality,
industrial single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of waste plastic lumps,pipe,board,crates,fruit tank ,chemicl plastic drum bucket barrels.
Output flakes : 8mm,10mm,12mm ; Capacity : 200-1000kg/hour;

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1. hdpe lumps shredder 

HDPE lumps is easier to be broken compared to other material.

HDPE LUMPS ,HDPE pipes , hdpe tanks , garbage box etc,  single shaft shredder is the most suitable design for them .

After knowing the max size of hdpe lumps , required capacity of output of final hdpe flakes, dimension of final hdpe flakes, target price from client , we will recommend the most suitable model.

2.Feature of hdpe lumps shredder single shaft shredding machine :

1.Rotary blades of skd11/DC53 material, with high hardness of HRC60/ HRC63, strong tougness and abarasion resistance.

2.Gearbox of single shaft shredder with vibration reducing design,whole machines runs with high stability

3.Rotator of single shaft shredder with water cooling function , keeping the rotaor in low temperature all the time

4.Position of motor of single shaft shredder is adjustable ,if transmission belt loose , it is easy to tighten the belt .

single shaft shredder (3).jpg

plastic recycling single shaft shredder granulator machine.jpg

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