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HDPE Plastic Shredding Machine

HDPE Plastic Shredding Machine

China HDPE plastic shredding machine reduces size and recycles solid waste ;heavy duty single shaft shredder for hdpe plastic pipe,drum,crates,tank,container ,film,bag etc;

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1.hdpe plastic shredding machine

The hdpe plastic shredding machine many different types of hdpe products in the market ;The most common products are hdpe pipe, pipe fittings, drum ,bottle , tank etc;

Waste hdpe products recycling companies, or hdpe products manufacturer; They both have the demand to the hdpe plastic shredding machine;

The function of the hdpe plastic shredding machine is reducing the volume of big hdpe products into small flakes;

If the hdpe scrap is dirty , Washing ; if clean, Re-use, or make the hdpe into regenerated granules, then re-use;

Hdpe drum,bottle ,film ,chair ,tank etc, double shaft shredder can be used as the hdpe plastic shredding machine; They are in large size but not thick, large capacity can be realized on double shaft pressing and tearing type hdpe plastic shredding machine;

HDPE pipe, pipe fittings ,lumps; some small ,some big. But most of them are very thick,hard to break ;

using the single shaft shredder as hdpe plastic shredding machine ,it works with perfect performance for thick hdpe plastic products ; Capacity is very high;

2.SCS800 hdpe plastic shredding machine:

Capacity : 500~ 2 ton/h, depend on the size and thickness of waste hdpe pipe or lumps and output dimension;

Motor power: 37kw+2.2kw

Rotator : 800mm *330mm ( W*D)

Blade : 40*40mm;

3.Photos of hdpe plastic shredding machine:

hdpe plastic shredding machine.jpg

hdpe plastic shredding machine.jpg

hdpe plastic shredding machine (2).jpg

double shaft shredder.jpg

double shaft shredder crusher.jpg

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