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Heavy Duty Plastic Purges Shredder

Professional manufacturer of heavy duty plastic purges shredder in China,
Industrial shredder reduce size of big scrap into small flakes or particles for reuse;
Single/Double/Four shaft shredding machines recycle waste plastic,wood,rubber,paper,MSW etc;

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1.Heavy duty plastic purges shredder

Those thick plastic waste , big plastic pipe and thick plastic board or box and drained plastic purges from plastic extruder and their mould , are difficult for cutting and breaking ;

The heavy duty single shaft shredder , various sharpe square blades being distributed on the surface of a round rotor in the side bottom of the shredder , a steel car moves reciprocatingly to push waste plastic to touch the blades in horizontal direction , get very good shredding performance for thick plastic purges and other thick plastic waste;

The big thick plastic purges in the shredding chamber is damaged into 50mm plastic flakes by the sharpe edge of the many triangle(half square) blades ; 

Big plastic purges become thinner and thinner from the blade-touching side to the Car-pushing side;

The heavy duty plastic purges shredder , single shaft , round rotor , square blades , is highly efficient for the waste plastic purges recycling;

2.More details about heavy duty single shaft shredder processing plastic purges:

single shaft shredder.jpg

single shaft shredder (2).jpg

single shaft shredder (3).jpg

waste plastic shredder.jpg

plastic lumps shredder (2).JPG

heavy duty plastic shredder (2).jpg

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