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Industrial One Shaft Shredder

China Manufacturer of industrial one shaft shredder with CE certificatee for size reduction of solid waste , heavy duty single shaft shredder for recycling waste plastic,wood,rubber,paper,light metal scrap etc;

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Industrial one shaft shredder


The blade of the industrial one shaft shredder is actually a general purpose blade that can be employed for both rigid and soft plastic ,both big and small plastic ;

So the industrial one shaft shredder, determined by the cube blades nature , is also of general purpose ;

The blade is in cube shape , with 4 edges and 4 corners, among which 1 corner and 2 sharp cutting edges make the shredding action ; as it is featured , 1 pieces of this kind of blade can be used for 2 times in the actual production , if 1 corner become blunt ,just change it to the opposite angle ;

The industrial one shaft shredder can be used for plastic lumps, pipes, pipe fittings, thick garbage box, crates, board, fruit tank , hollow bottle,drum, plastic film ,bag ,filament ,textile ,ropes etc, and products of paper, wood,rubber , some metal etc;

2.More details about industrial one shaft shredder

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