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Industrial Single Shaft Plastic Recycling Shredder

Industrial Single Shaft Plastic Recycling Shredder

China quality industrial plastic recycling shredder reduces the size of large scrap for further disposal or reuse ,
Heavy duty single shaft shredding machine for recycling waste plastic lumps from plastic production and waste plastic products of post-consumer,etc ;

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Industrial single shaft plastic recycling shredder


The industrial single shaft shredder as plastic recycling shredder, breaks the waste products by  employing a rotating roller fixed with many cube blades in several rows in V line; The cube blade is with 4 cutting edges in 40mm of width; The blades cut the waste products by its blade corner (point) and its 2 cutting edges; The final waste scraps after shredding is around 40mm of width;
The plastic recycling industrial single shaft shredder is considered to be a target that require high capacity of output for solid and rigid and thick plastic lumps or thick plastic pipes , or that require smaller and more unform dimension for final scraps , like , paper, plastic film ,medical waste , or that big and hollow product recycling project which has no requirement on the actual capacity , e.g ,200L plastic drum, ton water tank etc;

2.More details about industrial plastic recycling shredder 

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