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PE Chunks Shredding Equipment

PE Chunks Shredding Equipment

Chinese Industrial PE Chunks Shredding Equipment for decreasing and recycle waste plastic lumps ,pipe,board,tank,crates,drum ,film ,bag recycling ;Heavy duty single shaft shredder for large capacity and uniform output ;

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pe chunks shredding equipment

1.Introduction :

The pe is widely used for making many kinds of plastic product ; the most common use is HDPE PIPE,Pipe fittings, Bottle,drum ,Cable coating ,Car components etc; The ldpe is mainly used to make plastic film,bag etc;

A lot of pe chunks will be got from the pe products production , some small and thin pc chunks can be processed by common crusher, but the common crusher can’t process big and thick pe chunks;

Here need use the single shaft shredding equipment for reducing the size of the pe chunks;

2.Parameter of pe chunks shredding equipment:



Recommending reason

Most popular

Shredder room




Output size


Output capacity

  • 500kg/hour

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industrial plastic shredding machine (4).jpg

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