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Plastic Drools Recycling Shredder

Chinese quality plastic drools recycling shredder for decrease the size of plastic lumps ,pipe ,tanks,drum,etc ,slow rotation,high torque,large capacity, low noise;
Heavy duty single shaft shredder reduces size of large solid waste into small flakes or particles for reuse;

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1.Plastic drools recycling shredder

Big plastic manufacturing company are given to recycle the waste plastic drools by themselves, as they are given to avoid wasting and save production cost;For plastic drools from plastic production , unqualified finished or semi-finished products or molding waste , testing waste etc, commonly has no change on their chemical properties against raw materials;

There are features in the nature of single shaft shredder , a big shredding chamber of cubiform shape , with a round rotor with blades stay in one side , with a pushing car in the other side , which can store very big plastic drools , a lot of plastic drools, but their weight create no load or impact to the blades ; as it is showed in the following pictures, the impact and load is made by the pushing action of the inside car; 

Various blades create large capacity ; Big shredding chamber store many plastic drools; Automatical control brings easy and relaxed operation ;

Upon these features above, single shaft shredder is the best choice for plastic drools recycling;

2.More details about plastic drools recycling shredder:

plastic drools recycling shredder (2).jpg

plastic drools recycling shredder (3).jpg

industrial plastic shredder (4).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (3).jpg

industrial plastic shredding machine.jpg

industrial plastic shredding machine (2).jpg

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