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Plastic Purging Shredder

China industrial plastic purging shredder with large capacity and uniform output size ,
Heavy duty single shaft shredder for recycling plastic scrap from plastic factory and post-consumer;
Capacity: 200-5000kg/h,Output specification:50mm,10mm,customized;

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1.Plastic purging shredder

Some consumption for plastic raw materials is necessary for plastic extruders and their adjacent components to work smoothly.  The plastic raw materials here is not made into useful plastic products ,but is wasted to be useless plastic purgings.

The single shaft shredder provides many small squares blades fixed on a rotating round rotor to dice or slice the big plastic purging .

The rotation speed can be 45~120rpm depending on practical properities of waste scraps applied.

A big torque and cutting force is brought to the sharp and strong blades from an electric motor by a hard teeth face gearbox.

In addition , the single shaft shredder is also inherent in sustaining relatively lower impact on the blades and rotor , its curve cutting edge touches the suface of the plastic purging more evenly , and in smaller contact distance and area. It protects the blades from broken easily and abrasion fastly.

The 4 angles of the shredding blades can work by turn to get long serving life.

2.More details about industrial plastic purging shredder

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plastic purgings shredder.jpg

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