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Thick Plastic Drools Recycling Shredder

Thick Plastic Drools Recycling Shredder

China thick plastic drools recycling shredder for decreasing and reusing plastic lumps,pipe,chemical drums,water container,fruit and vegetable tank,bear crates,plastic pallet ,garbage box etc;
Industrial single shaft shredder destroying plastic,wood,rubber,paper,light metal ,MSW etc;

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Thick plastic drools recycling shredder

1. Introduction 

Heavy duty single shaft shredder work as the first grinding step , sizing crusher as the second; max 12mm,10mm etc , plastic flakes can be obtained from thick and big plastic drools, which almostly has the same properties as new plastic raw materials, because these plastic drools are discharged from plastic extruders ,plastic mould in the production , no pollution, no aging ;
Thick plastic drools has the highest value for recycling , so , this kind of project is very welcomed in the market;

2. More details about thick plastic drools recycling shredder

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plastic shredder (2).jpg

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