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Waste Plastic Purges Shredder

Best waste plastic purges shredde made in China , heavy duty single shaft shredder destroys and recycles industrial plastic waste and plastic scrap of post-consumer;

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1.Waste plastic purges shredder

For the waste plastic purges from plastic manufacturing , which includes moulding waste , Extruder-drained waste, leftover waste, unqualified waste etc, there is no better choice among all the breaking ways than the heavy duty single shaft shredder , which consists of a round rotor with sharpe square blades, and a pushing part in cubiform shredding chamber;

Yet there are various breaking equipments with different breaking grade , small flakes, small particles, fine powerder , any breaking target from customers can be met easily ;

2.More details about plastic purges shredder heavy duty single shaft shredding machine

plastic shredder (5).jpg

plastic shredder (6).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (3).jpg

plastic recycling shredder (7).jpg

plastic lumps shredder (7).jpg

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