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Large Pipe Shredder

Large Pipe Shredder

China industrial large plastic pipe shredder with good quality ,high speed plastic crusher for reducing the size of waste plastic pipe,chunks,boards,tanks,crates,blue drum,bottle ,film,bag ,yarn ,fishing net etc ;

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1.large plastic pipe shredder

The large plastic pipe shredder is used to pre-crush different kinds of plastic pipe ,lumps ,crates, pallets etc to small pieces for easy reprocessing, storage and transportation, creating new value from reusable wastes.

Our company has many years experience in manufacturing the plastic shredder machine.

2.Features of large pipe shredder

The large plastic pipe shredder  adopts PLC control system, automatic overload protection and auto reverse switch

Good shaft structure design, low noise, blades easy changeable

The low rotation speed results in a particularly quiet shredding process with low levels of dust generation

The large plastic pipe shredder can be adjusted according to customer specific requirements for throughput volume, material to be processed, etc.

3.Photos of large plastic pipe shredder:

plastic pipe shredder (30).jpg

plastic pipe shredder (9).jpg

plastic pipe shredder.jpg

single shaft shredder.jpg

application of single shaft shredder.jpg

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